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“I was always an athlete. As a child and teenager, I did all kinds of sports, including soccer, gymnastics, cross country, weight lifting, and basketball. While in nursing school, I found it difficult to maintain consistency in health and fitness and fell away from some of my previous routines. After much convincing and encouragement from my husband, Zach, I finally found myself in a CrossFit gym in 2019. I was hooked from the start. While I loved the combination of gymnastics and weight lifting exercises, what really kept me going was the feeling of being an athlete again! The atmosphere and camaraderie in the CrossFit gym is unlike any other.

As an ER nurse for years, I was looking for a way to broaden my impact on others, especially in the realm of preventative medicine. Being a coach with my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate provides me the opportunity to combine two great passions: health and helping others! I love using my knowledge as an athlete, coach, and nurse to help others be the best versions of themselves!”

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