• CF Level 1, ACE, USSF F, USSF E, USSF D


Coach Brett believes CrossFit keeps us fit for everyday life and allows “me to be the best me I can be…to be the best dad I can be, husband, brother, and friend”.

No other training program incorporates simple daily tasks as effectively as CrossFit does.

He played lacrosse through high school and soccer through college and at the semi-pro level. Previously, he was the Navy Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach, Meade High School Boys Soccer Coach, and NCSL Youth Soccer Coach.

Fitness is way more than just working out, it’s how we spend time away from the box, how we eat, how we sleep, how we spend time with our family. Life is meant to be enjoyed, never to be taken for granted.

“Success is a decision, not a gift” – Ben Bergeron.

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